Transparent pricing

Shipment Staus Visibility

Customs Clearance

Multiple Delivery Schedule

Our Air Freight Team is made up of skilled & qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge  & an experience of key functionalities such as Sales, Customer Care & Ground Operations. This enables us to deliver customers’ needs effectively & efficiently irrespective of the weight, size & type of cargo.

Some of the key benefits to our Air Freight Customers include:

  • Timely all inclusive price calculation allows for greater transparency, enabling customers to avoid hidden charges. One view of the total cost incurred allows our customers to plan their outflows better
  • Time defined service delivery & shipment visibility allows businesses to make realistic delivery predictions and commitments to their customers, thereby increasing credibility. Keeping commitments is key to additional revenue generation.
  • Global air freight services combined with road feeder service or ocean freight connections allows door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world. This allows for seamless movement of cargoincrease convenience.
  • Customs clearance services provided by us saves time and reduces unnecessary administrative costs for our customers.
  • Multiple delivery schedule optionsallow our customers to pick and choose the most efficient solution for their business, both from a cost and a delivery time perspective. This will help our customers smoothen their overall supply chain operationsin long term.