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Information Flow


Supply Chain Management covers the spectrum of activities involved in the supply chain. It includes the flow of goods and information from sourcing through manufacturing and to the final consumer. Key activities within this end-to-end process include sourcing, purchasing, production planning, inventory management, transportation/logistics, customer service and reverse logistics.

Our SCM teams generate fact-based, collaborative operations planning decisions while improving supply chain operations across the board. From more accurate demand planning to inventory optimization, from smarter capacity planning to more efficient production scheduling, from streamlined transportation management to more responsive retail merchandising and allocation,

AMI GLOBAL ability to create innovative and best-in-class solutions can transform the basis of our customer’s business.

To support our customer’s supply chain needs, we have developed a dynamic solutions design model which include

Total Delivery Cost Management Services, we analyze and estimate the total supply chain costs from the source of supply to its final point of distribution.

Demand Planning, using past trends and innovative analytics we predict the demand for our customers to reduce inventory cost and enhance profitability by delivering products at the right time.

Distribution network design, we design efficient and effective real-time distribution network to achieve operational efficiency and customer delight.

Sourcing, our global network enables our customers to access reliable suppliers across the globe. Our robust network of agents delivers the goods from remote locations of the world to our customer’s factory doorstep.

Supply Chain Integration, we integrate the supply chains of multiple suppliers and customers to achieve synergy. Our expertise in designing complex supply chain models enables our customers to achieve reliable delivery schedule and achieve economies of scale.

Analytics, our advanced and ingenious analytics system will predict any inefficiency in the supply chain and provide feedback for future improvements in design. One of the key requirements of analytics is to avoid supply chain bottlenecks. Our analytics system is designed to predict future bottlenecks at each stage of business and enable our customers to pre-empt supply chain blocks.

Information flow, our systems, and process are designed to enable information to flow seamlessly in the supply chain. Timely information has resulted from inefficiencies in production and distribution. Visibility in the supply chain has enabled our customer to make informed strategic decisions to drive the business.