NEW DELHI: China has  allowed India to export Chilli meals to its market, providing the crop with a much-needed export outlet. A protocol to this extent has been signed with Chinese customs officials.

Chilli meal is the residue left after the oil is extracted from chillies.

It is widely used as an industry input in the manufacturing of chilli sauce and other products.

Chilli is the largest exported spice from India and China has emerged as a major buyer in the last few years.

India has persistently pushed for market access for agricultural and processed food products to China. India’s firm stance on the issue has led China to commit to providing market access after a gap of 13 years. Last year, Beijing had allowed market access to three Indian food products — mangoes, grapes and rice.

“But even among these, China later introduced further sub-categories for rice, which meant basmati varieties faced difficulties in exports,” a senior official from the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority said.

POSTED BY Daily Shipping News.